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Westcreek’s Brush Country Trailhead


January 2014 Westcreek Annual Neighborhood Meeting minutes. We had record turnout and a lively gathering; read what your neighbors had to say.


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About Westcreek Neighborhood

The Westcreek Neighborhood  encompasses the area bounded by Old Fredericksburg Road on the north, Westcreek Drive and Yellow Rose Trail on the east, William Cannon Drive on the south, and Fair Valley Trail, Steer Trail and Honey Dew Terrace on the west.

Our neighborhood, which was first developed in the late 70s and early 80s, has around 800 homes within its boundaries. We have very easy access to Hwy. 290 and Mopac and are within walking distance to a wide variety of outdoor activities and shopping.

Westcreek is considered to be a part of East Oak Hill, which is part of an adopted neighborhood planning area (the Oak Hill Combined Neighborhood Plan and Implementation Chart).  According to the City of Austin, Neighborhood Planning provides an opportunity for citizens to take a proactive role in the planning process and decide how their neighborhoods will move into the future.

What does the Westcreek Neighborhood Association do for Westcreek?

Your all-volunteer Westcreek Neighborhood Association (WNA) is continually helping you behind the scenes and working on projects and improvements that directly affect you, your family, and the value of your home investment. Learn more…

We hope you will agree that supporting the WNA is not only beneficial to you and your property, but also to your community. Dues paying members may vote on executive committee member nominations and all neighborhood voting matters.

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Brush Country Entrance Sign