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Proposed WNA By-Law Changes for January 2017

To be Voted on at the January 2017 Annual Meeting

Section 4 – Duties of Executive Committee Officers

President – shall preside at all meetings of the Executive Committee and the General Membership. The President shall be an ex-officio member of all committees and shall have the authority to cosign checks drawn on the account of the Association. The President or the President’s designee shall represent the WNA at forums where an association presence is needed.  If the President is, for whatever reason, unable to fulfill the duties of that office, the Executive Committee will appoint an interim President until such time a replacement for President can be determined.

Vice President – shall fulfill the duties of President in the President’s absence and shall serve as Parliamentarian of the Association. The Vice President shall have the authority to cosign checks drawn on the account of the Association.  The Vice President shall succeed the President if the President is, for whatever reason, unable to fulfill the duties of that office.

Are you interested in being a part of doing great things for Westcreek?

The following positions have expiring terms. Terms are for two years, beginning January 2017 through December 2018.  President, Members-at-Large #1 and #2, Secretary

Board members meet monthly for a couple of hours to discuss and plan projects & improvements that make Westcreek a great place to live.

President – Will be vacant. Accepting nominees. Current president is “retiring” after several years on the board. We need to fill this position. Please consider stepping in.

Members-at-Large #1 and #2 – Expiring with both current office holders nominated to run again.

Secretary – Expiring with current secretary nominated to run again.

Additional nominations are open for any of these positions.

Click for more info  And feel free to email board@westcreekna.org for a no pressure reply with more info.

Westcreek Neighborhood Annual Meeting – Thursday, January 26, 2017

6:30-7 pm (Meet, Greet, Eat – we treat you & your family to dinner!)

7-8:30 pm (Meeting)

Shepherd of the Hills Presbyterian Church, 5226 W. William Cannon Drive, Austin, TX 78749

Guest Speaker:
Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority (CTRMA) to discuss transportation projects for the Oak Hill Parkway, South Mopac, and SH45 and how these projects affect Westcreek, SW Austin and our residents.
Learn how these projects will affect WC and SW Austin and about flooding mitigation, noise mitigation, traffic impacts, etc.

Westcreek Greenway – Final Design Proposal for Neighborhood Partnering Program

The WNA has applied for a Neighborhood Partnering Program cost-share grant to help improve the nature and trail area (both beautification and safety improvements) behind Summerset Trail and Cana Cove. Our efforts will include Small Middle School’s Green Tech Program students.

Here are our final design proposals.  We hope to hear if we are awarded by late this year (2016) and if we get the award, we can begin the project in early 2017.

Like our Westcreek Greenway Facebook page to follow our progress!


 An email was previously sent out to all registered on the mail list as well as Nextdoor.  For More Information, click HERE

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Brush Country Entrance Sign

Brush Country Entrance Sign

About Westcreek Neighborhood

The Westcreek Neighborhood  encompasses the area bounded by Old Fredericksburg Road on the north, Westcreek Drive and Yellow Rose Trail on the east, William Cannon Drive on the south, and Fair Valley Trail, Steer Trail and Honey Dew Terrace on the west.

Our neighborhood, which was first developed in the late 70s and early 80s, has around 800 homes within its boundaries. We have very easy access to Hwy. 290 and Mopac, and are within walking distance to a wide variety of outdoor activities, restaurants and shopping.

Westcreek is located in East Oak Hill.  In 2008, the Austin City Council approved the Oak Hill Neighborhood Plan, which was created using a multi-year community input process involving city staff and local community leaders and neighbors.


What does the Westcreek Neighborhood Association do for Westcreek?

Your all-volunteer Westcreek Neighborhood Association (WNA) is continually helping you behind the scenes and working on projects and improvements that directly affect you, your family, and the value of your home investment. Learn more…

We hope you will agree that supporting the WNA is not only beneficial to you and your property, but also to your community. Dues paying members may vote on executive committee member nominations and all neighborhood voting matters.

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The Westcreek Trailhead in the first spring after planting. New curbs, drainage lanes and sidewalks were put in with city funding at the request of the Westcreek Board of Directors. Decorative boulders and plants were added by neighborhood volunteers.


Westcreek Trailhead – springtime native plants bloom in what used to be a dead-end eyesore at the end of Brush Country. Your Association Officers made this happen in conjunction with the City of Austin.