Westcreek Now Has Its Very Own Pocket Park – It’s My Park Day on Sat. Mar. 7

Westcreek Has Its Own Official Pocket Park! We need your help on Saturday, March 7 from 9 AM to 12 PM

Did you know.... that the Westcreek Neighborhood Association worked with the City of Austin & got Westcreek its very own designated pocket park?


The new Westcreek neighborhood pocket park (Westcreek Greenway - MAP) is a parcel of land east of Cana Cove near the dead-end of Westcreek Drive.

The forecast for next Saturday, March 7th is looking good for It's My Park Day!  Westcreek Pocket Park!!!!

We're looking for a few more volunteers to reach our goal of 10.  You can sign up here: Westcreek Greenway Pocket Park Sign Up
If you are unable to volunteer on the 7th, you can still help by loaning a wheelbarrow that morning. If you have one that we can use, please let us know (email: board@westcreekna.org) Thanks!  Spring is just around the corner