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Trailhead Weeding Sunday, March 16

Our weeding event ambients registered drier than predicted, but cold clouds and wind did not relent.

Attendees (therefore) were spirited and efficient, and even Betty came down from New York to advise and lend a hand.

Dave and Trudy, Lisa, Jennifer and her son, and Bob and dog all pronounced the progress of the emerging plantscape as “excellent” and “exceeds expectations”.

Some of the good things noted: the ground was moist for easy pulling, cowpen daisies, sennas, river oats, and various gramas appear established and developing wide areas.  The redbud was blooming reasonably, and desert willow was still flexible.  Bluebonnets were robust, and unimpeded by adjacent growth.

The weeding efforts this day became focused on removal of bur clover, some few bastarde cabbage, dandelion, queen anne’s lace, stickleaf bedstraw, sowthistle, and Erodium (stork’s bill).

Some other more controversial plants were allowed to remain, notably a broader-leaved low geranium, chickweed, Oxalis woodsorrel, some already-large Baccharis “Rooseveltweed”, and the larger thistles.

Goals for the next Weed:  Most of the grasses, and including Bermuda, had not greened enough to identify positively, so we will leave them for the next session.  The Johnson grass, and some other grass (dubbed “comin’ out grass” are high in the wetter north side of the trailhead.  Perhaps next event we should mow and grub the Johnson and put in some Indian grass in hope of displacing it.   Quite a few cedar elm sprouts are coming up.  Maybe we should save some in good locations.

Several trails are evident now, and we should consider to help establish these, as well as open up some access to the large rocks.  So – thanks all – and here’s hoping for good rains.

Bur Clover Weed

Bur Clover Weed

Sowthistle Weed

Sowthistle Weed

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Trailhead Weeding Saturday, April 12

A blue-eyed “grass”, brightened our weeding work at the Trailhead this past Saturday. This is a good year for the little iris, and may be they enjoy the heavier fall/winter rains much like… the bluebonnets, which are in full flower, some already going to seed.

Elegant foxglove (likely from the original seed mix) were showing, also gaura, oxalis, primrose, wine-cup… and emphatically the buffalo grass.  Many other plants from the original planting are showing themselves and establishing.

Lisa eased the bluebonnets by clearing some tough-rooted mustard.  Vesta and Ellie had the courage to try the main Johnson grass area with hand tools. Trudy dropped by in the middle of a run to prune the artemisia and the struggling desert willow.  Barb and I tackled a truculent bermuda patch.

Yet to do:  more work on the bermuda, crab and Johnson grasses, some of which unfortunately are already near seeding.  Likely we’ll need some judicious power tool use, perhaps a tiller, mower and string trimmer.  Also, we decided to wait a bit for more mulching, wait for the spring blush to fade.  We’ll also wait and watch what May will give us there this year, then make the call for another weeding weekend.  Thanks all.


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Brush Country Trailhead – Before & After Photos



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trailheadWeb2trailheadforwebtrailhead_june22013-06-12 07.41.23trailhead_june

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Small MS Plant Sale (Sat. April 19)

Plant Sale – Saturday, April 19  from 10-4 

The Clint Small Green Academy Plant Sale will be held over a two week period.
If it would be easier for you to come out during the week we will have a sale on Thursday, April 10 and Friday, April 11. It will be in the greenhouse from 9a-5p. You can come and visit when you drop off the kids or when you pick them up!
If the weekend works better, we will also be having a sale a week later on Saturday, April 19. This sale will be going on concurrently with the Funky Chicken Coop Tour. We were lucky enough to be included this year. The sale will be from 10a-4p. Come and visit the plant sale and then go on the TOUR. It is a great way to spend a Saturday.
Our address is 4801 Monterey Oaks Blvd. 78749. The plants are natives grown by students or donated by Emerald Gardens Nursery. All funds go to support our programs. There are no district funds directly allocated for our elective classes.
Please come out and support the school and our students.
Plant sizes range from 4 inch pots to 5 gallons. Prices start at $3 and go up to $50.
Also new this year, students will be available to give tours of our extensive gardens. If you see it growing on our campus, there’s a good chance we will have it for sale.
Don’t forget to buy a t-shirt or two.
Here are list of the plants we usually carry. We can get many others and usually will have many more.
Texas Red Bud
Mexican Plum
Fragrant Mimosa (in bloom)
Yaupon Holly
Wax Myrtle
Anacacho Orchid (in bloom)
Crossvine (in bloom)
Montezuma Cypress
Monterey Oak
Red Yucca (in bloom)
Twist Leaf Yucca
Manfreda (in bloom)
Gulf Muhly
Lindheimer Muhly
Inland Sea Oats
Blue Eyed Grass (in bloom)
White Coneflower
Purple Coneflower (in bloom)
Cedar Sage
Salvia Cleavelandii
Snake Herb
Red Columbine
Texas Betony
Wooly Stemoda
Chocolate Daisy
Texas Rock Rose (in bloom)
Apache Plume (in bloom)
Chili Pequin
Arroyo Sweetwood
Escarpment Cherry
Larger trees and other species are available by request.

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Small Middle School Green Tech Blog “In Small Gardens”

A wonderful blog from Small Middle School’s Green Tech Academy



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