Westcreek Greenway & Westcreek Pocket Park

City of Austin Issues RFQ for Greenway Project

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Vendors: RFQ PY600002202018R

Must Register with the City
A bidding opportunity from the Neighborhood Partnering Program of the City of Austin/Public Works Department.

Please read the attachments thoroughly for the opportunity to submit a quote. Technical contact information is provided on the Offer Sheet. All required documents must be completed and signed. For Password Protected Documents, Click ‘Read-Only’.

This solicitation closes at 2:00 PM CST Wednesday April 4, 2018.  Please email or fax in your responses. Thank you for doing business with the City of Austin!

Peggy Ybanez
Contract Management Specialist III
City of Austin, Public Works Department
Financial Services Division

RFQ PY600002202018R Westcreek Greenway Project Offer Sheet

RFQ PY600002202018R Westcreek Greenway Project Specifications

Copy of RFQ PY600002202018R Quote Sheet_Revised 2.21

Form 0700 Reference Sheet

Form 1000 No Offer

Form 0835 NonResident Bidder Provision

Form 0805 Non-Suspension or Debarment Certification

Form 0800 Non-Discrimination and Non-Retaliation Certification


Brush Country Trailhead Landscaping Project – Spring 2017

We’ve partnered with Austin Texas Xeriscapes (ATX) to improve the “devil strip”.  Here is the completed xeriscaping project.  ATX has landscaped several yards in the neighborhood, including doing drainage improvements, and you’ve likely noticed the dog poop bag station he installed for a Summerset neighbor. John w/ ATX Xeriscaping is doing this pro-bono project for our neighborhood and will be providing a dog poop station near the trailhead so dog walkers will be encouraged to scoop the poop. Just remember  when you use the complimentary poop bags, that you take them with you and dispose of them in a trashcan at home.
Visit http://austintexasxeriscapes.com

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Trail/Nature Area Improvements – Westcreek Greenway

GREAT NEWS! Spring 2017

Our Neighborhood Partnering Program cost-share grant application has been approved!! We’ve got lots of great plans over the next couple of years for the Westcreek Greenway. Keep tuned for upcoming meetings and volunteer opportunities. We have partnered with Small MS Green Tech Program to be involved with this!  A bridge over the low water crossing behind the Brush Country Trailhead is also in the design.

This project will improve the nature and trail area (both beautification and safety improvements) behind Summerset Trail and Cana Cove. Our efforts will include Small Middle School’s Green Tech Program students.

Here is a PDF of our final design renderings.  

IMG_5616[1] IMG_5615[1] IMG_5612[1] IMG_5611[1] IMG_5610[1] IMG_5613[1] IMG_5614[1]

Like our Westcreek Greenway Facebook page to follow our progress!



Westcreek Greenway Design Proposal Presentation 

Saturday, June 25, 2016 9:00 – 10:30 a.m.

6080 Westcreek Drive  (near intersection with Cana Cove)

Check out the Design Proposal Draft

UPDATE 6/26/2016:  Stay tuned for updated designs based on neighbor and WNA discussion and input.





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Pocket Park

Did you know that the Westcreek Neighborhood Association worked with the City of Austin & got Westcreek its very own designated pocket park

Map here:  Westcreek Drive dead-end behind Patton Elementary, called the Westcreek Greenway

We celebrated It’s My Park Day on Saturday, March 7

Neighbors recently got together to clean up this area and prep it for future development.

Here’s a big shout-out to the awesome Westcreek volunteers who made It’s My Park a huge success! We removed an amazing amount of trash/construction debris and invasive Ligustrum this morning. Big thanks to the 13 awesome neighbors for showing up and working hard. We also discussed lots of ideas for the pocket park.

Thanks Austin Parks Foundation and all their sponsors for putting together this city-wide event every year!

What is next?

We will work with the Parks & Recreation Department to pursue funding & eventual development of our neighborhood park. Please email [email protected] to get involved…every effort counts…no matter how small.


clearedarea trashremoved


Keep Austin Beautiful Creek Cleanup (Williamson Creek)

Thank you to Everyone Who Helped Clean Up Our Creek on Saturday, Nov. 1, 2014

More photos, click here.