Westcreek Neighborhood Association
Executive Committee Meeting Minutes
March 15, 2005

Executive Committee members present: Kim Sherman, Jan Boswell, Karen Gregory, Ben Coughran, Barry Kalda, Bob Shrader, Alicia Ortiz,

1. Minutes. Not yet written.

2. Treasurer's Report. 169 members have paid dues for 2005. Cash available is $11,609.10. The two Certificates of Deposit have been moved to Prosperity bank, where we have our checking account.

3. Priority for Member's wish list. Speeding was the major concern. Some options to slow down the traffic were discussed: 1) Cars and trucks along the streets actually tend to slow down the traffic but many members did not like the congestion and look caused by this, 2) Bicycle lanes on Brush Country may help, 3) Radar machines may be effective but violate the City's sign ordinance. We would have to get one-day or some other type of short-term permit.

A motion was made, seconded and passed to request a traffic calming study from the City. An article will be written about this for the May newsletter and explain the that the waiting list is long. It will also be noted that the developer has agreed to assist in the funding.

4. Landscaping the Sign. Various low maintenance plants such as yucca, nandina, and holly were discussed. Ben will talk to Clara Olsen for some suggestions and also talk to Lou Williams.

5. Calendars. Calendars through February 2006 were distributed.

6. Traffic Calming. See Agenda Item #3.

7. Spring Sweep March 19. Agreed that everyone would meet at Bob's house at 10:00 AM and tour the neighborhood in Ben's van.

8. Westcreek Drive Cleanup. No discussion necessary. -Already cleaned up.

9. Newsletter Stories. 1) Kim will contact William Chaffee about maintaining the end of Sanderson and cleaning up the junk. 2) Results of Spring Sweep (Karen). 3) Membership success (Karen). 4) Yahoo Group (Bob). 5) Planning for June Garage Sale (6/25/2005) (Alicia). 6) Picture and update on Shopping Center (Kim). 7) Pictures and update on freeway construction (Bob). 8) Picture and story of property for sale on Old Fredericksburg Road (Ben). 9) Monthly target problem in neighborhood (Bob).

10. Report on Yahoo group sign-up. Bob has had a few more people sign up.

11. Report on failure of City water specialist Mark Wieland to appear last night. Bob reported that Wieland advised that he had gone home early with a severe backache.

12. Development of Questions for City Council candidates. Bob will compile the questions and send them to the candidates. An April 1, 2005 deadline will be given.