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The Latest Entries

YoM May 2022

May YOM was awarded to Alex and Sarabeth Lewis at 6304 Hill Forest. The couple bought the house and moved to Westcreek in September 2021 and quickly started making plans to improve the front yard! They wanted to divide the yard into segments to give it more life and curb appeal.  A “work in progress”, they are eager to use their Leaf Landscape gift certificate awarded to them for YOM!
In the bed along the sidewalk on Summerset, they have planted Pride of Barbados, Yellow Bells, and varieties of Sage, bringing in colors of red and purple. Red Yucca, Century plants & thornless cactus crown the corner at Hill Forest & Summerset. Rich brown & black mulch combine with a variety of grasses in other beds in the yard.

The couple received gift cards from Leaf Landscape for $50, Klingemann’s Automotive for an oil change, and Cypress Grill. For a dinner valued at $45.
Yard of the Month is awarded each month during the growing season to a member whose yard enhances the curb appeal in our Westcreek neighborhood.

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Raffle winners at the Annual Picnic

Congratulations to our raffle winners from the Westcreek Neighborhood Association picnic held on April 30!   We want to thank everyone that donated to our raffle and our volunteers that helped set up and clean up at the picnic.  Please patronize our local and online businesses.

Owl House donated by Michael Wilson- Rick Schwartz

Month of workouts donated by Pulse Performance – Elizabeth Erbeznik

Mug donated by Yellow Bess – Madeline Reichle  

Blue Earrings donated by Frannie & Elinor – Barbara Twining 

Orange Earrings donated by Frannie & Elinor – Bryna Schulze 

Salt Light donated by Rita Berry- Marcia Desy

Wooden Valet donated by Berry Custom Woodworks – Mike Massad 

A drawstring bag containing portable water bowl and certificate for free bath that includes teeth brushing, nails and ears donated by Scenthound – Kat Cardwell 

A drawstring bag containing portable water bowl and certificate for free bath that includes teeth brushing, nails and ears donated by Scenthound  – Jean Hadden 

Bath toys donated by Rita Berry – Trenton Twining

Sticky ball catch donated by Rita Berry – Jackson McHugh

Puzzle donated by Rita Berry – Kat Cardwell 

Sonic $10 gift card donated by Laci Smith –  Liam McHugh  Chick-fil-A $10 gift card donated by Laci Smith – David Podbielski

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Membership Drive Challenge!  Win Cash!

Are you a member of WNA?  Did you know that only one out of four households in Westcreek are members of our WNA?  Is YOUR neighbor a member of WNA?

Your WNA Board of Directors is challenging each and every member of WNA to reach out to a neighbor or friend and ask them to join our all-volunteer organization. 

Here’s how it works:

Each new membership form (both paper and online) includes a space to identify the person referring the new member so ask them to fill in your name in that space.  We will keep track of all referrals coming in between April 1 and April 30, 2022.  The current member with the highest number of referrals will win the first prize of $50.00, second highest is $35.00 and third place will take home $15.00.  People joining during April will be counted as a new member if they have never joined WNA or have not been a member or renewed since 2019. 

The membership form can be found online here and can also be found on the back page of the  Spring 2022 Newsletter.  You can download the form(s) and fill in your name when sharing with your neighbors to be sure you get credit for your referral.

At only $20 per year, membership is a show of support for our amazing and special neighborhood. Additional donations can be added to support our Greenway improvement, Neighborhood Watch Sign replacement,  Let’s get together to invite our neighbors to join WNA!    It’s a WIN-WIN!

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Neighborhood garage sale – April 2

Westcreek Neighborhood Association is sponsoring our annual neighborhood garage sale on April 2, 2022 from 8am-4pm. Participating residents will hold garage sales at their individual addresses.

Any Westcreek residents who are interested in participating who want their address included in our advertising can email [email protected].

Happy hunting and happy purging!

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2022 Westcreek Annual Meeting – January 29, 2022

UPDATE: the recording of the meeting is available at https://youtu.be/RWeTLH3BU2c


The Westcreek Neighborhood Association annual meeting is coming up! Join us on Saturday, January 29 at 11:00 AM.  The meeting will be held via Zoom.   You can register for the Zoom meeting at: https://us06web.zoom.us/meeting/register/tZEvc-yhrj0jHdIaEZ3C5OH-QE8LUYoG3e9V

The program will include a presentation by Paige Ellis our District 8 City Council representative, about replacing water lines in our neighborhood, as well as a presentation from Windsor Park Neighborhood Association about Climate Change, WNA Neighborhood Watch and of our Association’s highlights from 2020 and plans for the new year. We will hold elections for the WNA Executive Committee. There are eight positions on the executive committee, each serving for two years. If you are interested, please contact me or any of the other current board members.

And please renew your membership today, if you have not already done so.  Here’s the link:  https://www.westcreekna.org/the-association/join-the-wna/

The Westcreek Board will be collecting food donations for Abiding Love Food Bank.  

Here is a list of items that they have a hard time getting now from the Food Bank: 

Canned Beans (other than Black Beans) 

Canned Fruit 

Canned vegetables


Cereal (other than oatmeal) 

Rice (1 lb.) 

Other items that we use all the time, but sometimes cannot get: 


Canned Meat 

Macaroni & Cheese 

Dried Beans

Bars of soap


Your food donations can be dropped off January 22 – January 30 at the following locations: 

6304 Sanderson

5309 Summerset

5302 Wolf Run

Looking forward to seeing everyone on January 29th!  

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