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Saturday, March 25 at 9am

We will meet at the cul de sac on Sanderson for a cleanup of the area.  Bring your “grabbers” and work gloves and pitch in to pick up trash! Trash bags will be supplied.  

 Coffee and Donuts will be provided. 

“To leave the world, a better than you found it, sometimes you have to pick up other people’s trash” Bill Nye, The Science Guy

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Message to Westcreek Neighborhood Association February 23,2023

I’m reaching out to make you aware that construction to replace water service lines in portions of the Westcreek subdivision will begin soon. WestCreek Sec 10 Phase B and C are included in the upcoming phase of work. This section includes the following streets: Grider Pass, Langtry Lane, Yellow Rose Trail, Adel Cove, Myra Court, and Sanderson Avenue.

A notice is being mailed to residents in these areas prior to construction.

This work is part of a Council-approved construction contract to replace more than 2,000 water service lines in more than 60 subdivisions around Austin that will improve reliability and resiliency for customers. We know that residents in the Westcreek subdivision have experienced numerous water outages due to broken water service lines. We look forward to completing this improvement to your utility infrastructure.

We will provide additional notices when other portions of the subdivision are scheduled for construction. Please do not hesitate to contact me or the Project Manager, Robert Hermosillo, with any questions.

Emlea Chanslor

Public Information and Marketing Program Manager

City of Austin | Austin Water, Public Information Office

512-972-0145 | [email protected]

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Westcreek Greenway Ice Storm Cleanup February 18, 2023

We had a great group of volunteers today to cleanup fallen trees from the Westcreek Greenway.  They got a lot accomplished and we couldn’t have gotten so much done without Todd with his mower and trailer.  Thank you to everyone that helped today.  Everyone should sleep well tonight!

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Westcreek Neighborhood Garage Sale

Westcreek Neighborhood Association is sponsoring Westcreek’s annual garage sale on Saturday, April 1st from 8am-4pm. Participating residents will hold garage sales at their individual addresses.

If you live in Westcreek and wish to participate, email us at [email protected] and we will include your address when we promote the sale.

Happy purging and happy hunting!

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Storm Debris Removal


Trees touching a power line must be reported by calling 512-322-9100.

Small branches  

If your branches are no longer than 5 feet and no thicker than 3 inches in diameter, they are small branches and can be set out with your weekly composting collection.

Set out process and guidelines

  • Place small branches and yard trimmings into the green composting cart and make sure the lid fully closes.
  • Excess material can be placed in lawn and leaf bags or a reusable container and set out beside the cart on the next scheduled collection day.
  • Small branches (no longer than five feet and no thicker than three inches in diameter) that do not fit into the green cart with the lid closed should be stacked into manageable bundles no heavier than 30 pounds and placed beside the cart.
  • Typically, ARR will collect the contents of your green cart and up to 15 extra items placed beside the cart but item limits will be temporarily waived for storm debris collection.  

Large branches and limbs  

If your branches are longer than 5 feet, they are large branches and will require a special storm debris collection. 

ARR customers can call 3-1-1 (or 512-974-2000) to request a collection of large tree limbs due to the storm. Limbs should be at the curb ready for collection. ARR crews will assess and collect them as soon as possible.

Set out process and guidelines

  • Branches and limbs should be between 5 and 15 feet in length. Branches and limbs longer than 15 feet should be cut down.
  • Tree trunks thicker than 8 inches in diameter should be cut down to 3 feet long or less. 
  • Stack loosely along the curb in one row, not more than 15 feet across and no higher than 4 feet, with cut ends facing the street.
  • Do not block the sidewalk or extend into the street. 
  • To prevent damage to your property, keep items 5 feet away from your trash cart, mailbox, fences or walls, water meter, telephone connection box and parked cars. Do not place any items under low-hanging tree limbs or power lines. 

Storm debris drop off

Austin and Travis County residents also have the option to drop off large branches and limbs at the Hornsby Bend Biosolids Management Plant.

Help is available   

Residents with physical limitations or financial needs requiring help cleaning up winter storm debris can request volunteer assistance through the Austin Disaster Relief Network. Complete this form: https://bit.ly/ADRN23

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