April 2009 Winners

yom-april-2009-008Melba Zett and her son Buddy have lived at 4813 White Elm for almost six years, and before moving to White Elm they lived on Summserset Trail for 13 years. Melba’s a retired state employee and Buddy works for the Eanes School District. Buddy is also an excellent carpenter and has made a lot of improvements in both the house and the yards.
This year Buddy built a couple of square foot gardens in the back yard, hoping to grow a few vegetables, using nothing but organic soil and fertilizers. Melba says living on the greenbelt gives not only a sense of privacy, but also an opportunity to enjoy the wildlife.

Melba and Buddy were presented with a $25 gift card from Randalls and a $50 gift card from Emerald Gardens. Be sure to support Randalls and Emerald Garden in return for their generosity to Westcreek.