Quick Tips to Prevent Oak Wilt

  1. DO NOT TRIM OAK TREES DURING “Leaf Exchange” (when they drop
    their leaves- which is occurring now). Trim in late December, January and August.
  2. Make sure that the tree trimmers you hire are THOROUGHLY
    disinfecting their cutting tools between EACH & EVERY tree that they trim. Do not let them go from one tree to the next without disinfecting tools completely.
  3. Make sure that they are IMMEDIATELY SEALING EACH CUT AS THEY
    CUT IT on the oak tree they are trimming, including sucker cuts.
  4. Watch for color changes if you have Red Oaks. If they look like
    they are “turning” (as in Fall leaves) during the summer, you might have a problem. Call a Certified Arborist immediately.
  5. Hire a reputable tree trimming company.
  6. WATCH the trimmers as they are doing the work.

Although these are fairly elementary steps, many of us have to work and often hire a company to come to do the work during the week. With the spread of Oak Wilt, it is worth your while and the life of your oak trees to be present when the trimming is done. It will be well worth the vacation day you took to be there, and your property values as all of our wonderful oak trees continue to live.

As Oak Wilt spreads, it is likely many of us will need to replace our beautiful trees. Chris recommends replacing large Live Oak and Red Oak varieties with a number of heat and drought resistant Central Texas trees such as the following:

  • Bur Oak
  • Chinese Elm
  • American Elm
  • Bald Cypress
  • Escarpment Cherry
  • Italian Stone Pine
  • Montezuma Cypress
  • Pecan
  • Cedar Elm
  • Mexican White Oak
  • Mexican Sycamore
  • Arizona Cypress

He also has a list of medium sized trees and smaller trees if you are interested. No matter what, his recommendation is to DIVERSIFY your trees.

Contact Chris Dolan, our City of Austin Arborist, about any Oak Wilt or other tree concern at [email protected] or call him at (512) 974-1881.

More Information

Visit www.texasoakwilt.org. This site has every possible fact and photo you will need to know about Oak Wilt.


City of Austin Oakwilt Suppression Project

City of Austin Arborist