2010 is Around the Bend

Westcreek Neighbors, Our annual meeting of the WNA, scheduled for late Jan. 2010 at the Will Hampton Library, is approaching fast and there is a lot of Neighborhood business to take care of this year. We have four seats on the Board to fill this year and we will need some nominations from our members to fill them.

More importantly we will need volunteers to be nominated for these board positions if we are to continue to represent our community’s interests. It is vital to all the residents of Westcreek that we stay involved in with the City of Austin to look after our interests as Oak Hill is developed and the 290 highway project is built. Our quality of life and our property values are just two of the many things on the line over the coming years.

The same seven people can not be expected to carry this task indefinitely. We need new volunteers to cycle through, taking their turn to spend a few hours a month helping to take care of our Westcreek community. So please volunteer, and please show up to vote for your candidate and by-laws (see below) at our annual meeting.

The terms are expiring for the following positions on the Westcreek Board: Vice President, Treasurer, and Member at Large Place #3. The position of Secretary is also open as Judy Jefferson is retiring after many years of service.  Thanks so much Judy and good luck. The Executive Committee has received nominations for Vice President, Treasurer and Member at Large #3. Any (paid) member of the WNA may nominate a candidate for any of the open positions.  Nominees must be a paid member of the Association and must reside in the Westcreek neighborhood. Nominate yourself or a neighbor and support your neighborhood. Nominations will be accepted by mail, in person or by sending us an e-mail to [email protected].

We will also be voting on amendments to our our bylaws this year. The following amendments will be proposed:

Amendments to Bylaws

A. Article VII : That “and the Immediate Past President” be deleted from the last paragraph of the preamble.

B. Article VII, Section 2 : That “The Immediate Past President will serve as a member of the board for two years following the end of his/her term as president.” be deleted from this section.

C. Article VII, Section 4 : That the following sentences be added to the Vice President’s duties : “In the event that the Vice President is required to fill the role of President prior to the end of the President’s term, then the Vice President shall nomonate his replacement to the Executive Committee. A majority vote is required to approve such a nomination”.

D. Article VII, Section 4 : That “Immediate Past President – shall have full voting privileges on the Executive Committee and shall serve as a consultant to the current officers.” be deleted from this section.

E. Article VII, Section 5 : That the following paragraph be added to the exisiting Section. “When a position on the Executive Committee becomes vacant for whatever reason and there is no successor willing to succeed the position, then the Executive Committee may appoint a successor to the vacant position for the remainder of the term or choose to leave the position vacant until the next election. A majority vote by the Executive Committee is required for such an appointment.”

F. Article VII, Section 7 : That the first sentence of this section be rewritten to read “Executive Committee members shall [delete the word “will”] meet monthly [delete the words “except December”] to conduct …………….”