Westcreek/Western Oaks Annual Shindig?

Submitted by Chris Schexnayder, President, WNA

An idea is being tossed around by board members of both Westcreek and Western Oaks about a combined annual picnic or gathering of some sort.  There are really two main reasons.  Both neighborhoods have had historically low turn outs to their annual or special gatherings.   That is one reason Westcreek cancelled the 2009 Fall Halloween Picnic – low turnout last year.  So hopefully a combined gathering would attract more people.  It would also be a great chance to meet some of your neighbors across the William Cannon way.  Which brings me to the second main reason to get the two neighborhoods together – there is strength in numbers.  The two “burbs” share some of the same interests.  Both neighborhoods have showed strong interest and participated together in zoning and development cases which effect both neighborhoods.  The Arbor Trails development and 4808 William Cannon where the music school now resides are good examples.  Westcreek is in the process of working with City Council to develop a pocket park at the end of Brush Country as well as a “Safe Walk” through that area to both PattonElementary and Small Middle School.  Such an improvement would be of benefit to both neighborhoods.  Before the respective boards spend the time, effort and money to put together such an even we want your feedback on this idea.  Please send your opinions and ideas to the [email protected].