The Westcreek Community Needs Your Support!! (How about a $100 Cash Incentive?)


Sincere and warmest Season’s Greetings to all homeowners and residents of Westcreek from your representatives on the Westcreek Neighborhood Executive Committee. As we look ahead to 2010, your Board is hoping to make significant progress in several areas to improve the safety and amenities of Westcreek. A new speed indicator is to be installed on Summerset Drive and we are in discussions with the City of Austin on how to turn a piece of vacant land within the community into a “pocket” park where residents can relax and children can safely play. This latter project is not an easy one and several of the Directors are devoting a lot of their personal time to keep this idea on track by meeting regularly with City representatives and their aides. These are just 2 of the many projects we have in mind.

In order to plan ahead, we need to have the financial resources in place before we can make any commitments that some of these projects will require. And so we are making an urgent request to all homeowners and residents to cement their relationship with Westcreek by paying the annual dues of $25 (no increase!) for 2010 membership in the Westcreek Neighborhood Association (WNA). This is possibly the best bargain in town and by year’s end we hope that we can announce that this is tax deductible as the association is working on acquiring a non-profit status. For anyone who would like to make $75 on the deal, we will be having a raffle at the Annual General Meeting in January where the names of all 2010 paid WNA members will be entered and a well-known local celebrity will conduct the drawing.  The Lucky Winner will receive $100 in cash! Those who bring their checks to the annual meeting will also be included in the raffle.

In 2009, we had 137 due-paying members out of over 1,000 homeowners and residents.  Our goal for 2010 is 500 WNA Members!  Please send your check for $25.00 made payable to “Westcreek Neighborhood Association” to P.O. Box 91373, Austin, TX 78709-1373 before the January 27th Annual Meeting.

See you at the Annual General Meeting!

With best wishes,

Your President and Board