Westcreek Bulk Collection Begins

Residential Bulk Collection:

Place bulky items at the curb in front of your house by 6:30 a.m. on the first day of your scheduled collection week.

Separate items into three piles as described below:

  1. Metal items, including most appliances (doors removed), should be put in one pile. These are taken to our Landfill Diversion Center for recycling.
  2. Passenger car tires should be put in a separate pile to go to a tire recycling facility. Tires must be removed from the rims and there is a limit of eight per household. We cannot collect truck or tractor tires.
  3. Non-metal items, such as carpeting and nail-free lumber, should be placed in a single pile. These items go to a landfill.

Because these piles are collected by different trucks, they may be collected at different times throughout the week.

To prevent damage to your property, keep items five feet away from your garbage cart, mailbox, fences or walls, water meter, telephone connection box and parked cars. Do not place any items under low hanging tree limbs or power lines.

Do not put items in bags, boxes or other containers. Bulk collection is for items too large to fit in containers. Bags will be treated as extra garbage and are subject to extra garbage fees.