Are You A WNA Member?

Dear Westcreek Neighbors,

You’ve heard the pitch from public radio and KLRU-TV. Now here it is from the Westcreek Neighborhood Association:

“We need your support to keep our association working effectively for you and your neighborhood.”

We know that those of you who don’t join will get it for free, but we hope more of you will step up and do your part to support your neighborhood.
What is it you get for free, you ask?

Here’s what the WNA and our Executive Committee is doing for you:

• Giving us a voice at City Council on zoning and other issues that affect   your property value and living experience in our neighborhood
• Promoting Walking Trails and other beautification efforts in Westcreek.
• A newsletter with neighborhood notes and resources you won’t find in the newspaper.
• Promoting Neighborhood social events like the annual picnic, the neighborhood garage sale and National Night Out.
• Developing an informative website just for the Westcreek Neighborhood.
• Maintaining the Yahoo Group community forum that is handy if your dog gets lost, has puppies, you need to sell your car, or any of the dozen other community news items that need to be communicated.
• Beautification of the public right of way at the entrance to Westcreek.
And much more!

Like NPR, the WNA won’t stop doing these things if you don’t pay up. But, hey, it’s less than $3 a month! We can do all this on a very skimpy budget because of the time your neighbors put in as board members and volunteers. All we ask is that you join us and pay $25 a year in dues. You might not be aware that currently less than 10% of the neighborhood is a dues paid member.

Click here:  to pay your 2010 dues online. It only takes about 3 minutes to do it through our secure payment gateway.

Please join today and Thank You for your support!

The WNA Executive Committee