Volunteer Needed for the Neighborhood Habitat Challenge

Do you love birds and toads and lizards?  Do you find yourself wandering around for hours at The Natural Gardener?  Do you like to get out and meet your neighbors?  Then the Westcreek Neighborhood Association (WNA) needs you!  We are looking for a volunteer to lead our efforts in the City of Austin’s Neighborhood Habitat Challenge. 

The City of Austin Parks & Recreation Department and the National Wildlife Federation (NWF) are challenging neighborhoods in Austin to create wildlife habitats at homes, businesses, and community property.  “Wildlife Austin” is an initiative to educate and support Austinites in the creation of wildlife habitats to benefit its people, wildlife, and biodiversity.  Creating habitat is as simple as…

– Planting native plants that provide nectar, pollen, seeds, and berries year round
– Including a reliable water source to attract a variety of critters
– Providing places for cover and rearing young such as planting evergreen shrubs, leaving rock piles or putting up a birdhouse.

The top three neighborhoods that complete all requirements and certify the most new habitats between April 12th and November 15th 2010 will be recognized by the City of Austin and eligible for prizes.  Previous year’s prizes included a neighborhood tree planting in the local park, a neighborhood picnic, Designing for Wildlife Workshop, individual tree give-aways, and a canoe trip on Lady Bird Lake for challenge participants.

To find out more details, go to:

If you are interested in spearheading this project for Westcreek, please email Trudy Hasan at [email protected].