June 2010 YOM Winner

Meet Lance, Jessica and Rylan Parker (baby Jude, 5 months old is asleep inside).

June10 YOM Parker1

June10 YOM Parker9

They have lived in Westcreek for the past five years. They have done all the work on their yard themselves and were thrilled that they won Yard of The Month. They didn’t expect it because they said they haven’t had much time to work on their yard this year with Lance’s busy schedule as a Firefighter and having a new baby! However, we thought it was a true gem and they deserve every bit of acknowledgement for their contribution to making Westcreek the great neighborhood that it is!

June10 YOM Parker3

They have mostly natives in their yard and a few beautiful flower beds lined with rocks and a lovely path of decomposed granite. The Agave and Cacti seen in the front flower beds were purchased for only $1 at a garage sale! The Parker’s are so happy with how they have flourished and grown! They also have two huge old Oak Trees in their front yard with branches stretching wide and graceful shading the entire yard. A couple cute vintage chairs and a wooden swing are inviting for family and neighbors! They have another Chinquapin Oak that’s growing nicely and a couple beautiful Crape Myrtles! I absolutely love the enormous rosemary bush as well! I asked if it was more than one plant, it was so big, but it was just the one. They said they just saw an old picture of it and realized how much it had grown!

June10 YOM Parker4

Agave originally bought at garage sale for $1!

Lance said the design of their yard was a lot of “trial and error.” I think that’s very humble and modest, the yard is gorgeous! I’m hoping with my “trial and error” mine will end up looking like this one, too!

June10 YOM Parker6

Beautiful, enormous rosemary bush and Crape Myrtle in full bloom!

June10 YOM Parker7

Front right flower bed

June10 YOM Parker5

The other half of the front left flower bed

June10 YOM Parker8

Amazing Oak in front shades the entire yard. Cute accents chairs and swing make it very inviting for family and neighbors!