National Night Out in Westcreek A Success

Thank you to everyone who hosted a gathering in Westcreek for National Night Out. If you have pictures of your event, please send them to [email protected] along with names and places for captions and we will add them to the website.

NNO Kayli McCauley

Kayli M. at the Fair Valley Trail National Night Out party.

NNO police car lightsWestcreek’s APD neighborhood liaison, Officer Zachary LaHood, brings out a police car for the neighbors at the Fair Valley Trail party.

NNO APD + kidsWestcreek neighborhood kids get to know the Austin Police force.

NNO Fire front

The Austin Fire Department gives a tour of their vehicle.

NNO Rose + firemenThank you, Austin Fire Department, for being a part of the festivities!  And a very special thanks to Rose who hosted the Fair Valley Trail National Night Out event.