Nickey Bishop – The Tree Tender

UPDATE submitted by Westcreek resident Lisa Payne on May 5, 2012

Over the past four years we have had three arborists look at our large, ailing backyard oak. Some are mentioned on this site. Not one gave us any concrete answers or detailed suggestions, except to sell their services. Some charged fees for their consultations.

Finally, a few days ago arborist Nickey Bishop, the Tree Tender, came to look at our tree at no charge. Nickey diagnosed the diseased tree and told us what missteps over the years – besides drought conditions – likely led to Hypoxalon Canchor, the deadly fungal disease our tree now has.

Nickey also explained how many companies/specialists incorrectly “trim” trees without correcting problems that may lead over time to the death of the tree. This happened to us, and we are hoping that our tree may survive. Nickey’s adept and caring crew removed all the dead limbs, correctly, and now we will wait and see.

Nickey also took a look, without being asked, up and down Brush Country and saw several dead/dying trees with Hypoxalon Canchor. He did this, I believe, just because he cares about the trees. A few years ago I asked one of the arborists mentioned on this site to please take a look up and down Brush Country before he came to our house, as many trees seemed to be dying, and he then quoted me a price to take a look. I said, “no thanks.”

So for these reasons, I highly recommend and entrust Nicky Bishop, the Tree Tender, to correctly care for the needs of any tree, at a fair price and with true care and knowledge.


Submitted by Westcreek resident Cissy Rodriguez on March 13, 2012

I highly recommend the Tree Tender, Nickey Bishop. We have used him for years and wouldn’t trust anyone else to work on our our big, gorgeous oak. Our old oak lost about 70% of its roots when our home was built in 1978 and it drops leaves when it stresses in the heat of the summer. Nickey has given us good advice to keep it alive during the worst of our recent droughts. He is a certified arborist unlike many tree trimming folks. To keep his tools safe he not only disinfects between trees but also refuses to trim/remove trees with oak wilt (that’s what he told us about 18 years ago when we started using him). He is a tree lover and takes pride in his work. Super knowledgeable about trees – live oaks in particular. He has a wonderful crew of people who care.


Nickey Bishop