Brush Country Stub Out Constructed into Brush Country Trailhead

After more than 3 years of work between the WNA board members and the City of Austin to make improvements to the Westcreek trail area, we have seen some positive and tangible results that have enhanced a very visible and central area of our neighborhood (Brush Country & Summerset Trail).

BrushCountryTrailhead2_June2013 IMG_3178 IMG_3179 trailhead1

Background/History about this area

You may recall that the city’s trail area ‘safe route’ project was halted. The good news, however, is that the City of Austin agreed to work with the WNA board to make alternative, considerable improvements in this area. We’ve announced this alternative plan in the past but we are now seeing it really happen!

What kind of construction project is being done?

The City of Austin has informed us that construction will begin on or about October 1, 2012 for the removal of the Brush Country stub-out (Brush Country & Summerset Trail), which will mean the end of that ugly & often broken red & white barricade at the end of Brush Country. The project will include removal of the asphalt, extension of the sidewalk along Summerset, drainage improvements, and filling in the area with soil, and seeding with a native grass/wildflower seed mix. The board has been meeting with several city resources about this project.

How Westcreekers can help – Westcreek Neighborhood Enhancement Initiative
The board is excited to make this stub-out project one of the first beautification & conservation improvements in Westcreek. There is potential to do more projects in the future and aside from using WNA dues to further enhance Westcreek, we will also need volunteers.

We especially need your help with the following:

1. assistance from people who have an interest in and/or experience with (including associations with local businesses) landscaping design and/or installation, native / drought tolerant plants

2. donations of drought-tolerant native plants and small trees (we will provide a list of appropriate plants) for planting later this Fall

3. donations of mulch from trees being trimmed or removed from your yards – ask your tree service company if tree mulch can be donated for the trailhead area

4. signage design and/or donated services

5. volunteer to be on a WNA committee to handle long-term maintenance of this commons area.

If you are interested in helping with landscaping projects at the stub out (or even projects in the future), please let us know.  Please email [email protected] to let us know how you can be involved.

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