Emerald Gardens Seminar Schedule

Don’t miss our Saturdays Seminars

FREE, and always will be.  Rain or Shine


February 16th only @ 11am: “WINTER CLEAN-UP” (First things first; winter clean-up, trimming, fertilizing and transplanting)

February 23rd only @ 11am: “LIVING PRIVACY” (Living landscapes that also yield privacy for your yard)


March 2nd @ 11am: “GET TO KNOW YOUR POND-BIOLOGY/CARE” (Learn all there is to know about maintaining a healthy pond)

March 2nd @ 1pm: “GROW FOOD NOT GRASS-ORGANIC PRODUCE” (Save money and learn valuable knowledge with Dale Pliml)


March 9th @ 11am: “WILDLIFE HABITATS FOR YOUR GARDEN” (Come find out how to turn your backyard into a thriving wildlife habitat)

March 9th @ 1pm “GROW GREEN WITH DENISE DELANY” (GROW GREEN landscaping guide representative Denise Delany teaches us about local gardening)


March 16th @ 11am: “WATER PLANT CARE/PROPAGATION” (We will give you all you need to know, about propagating and re-potting your lilies/aquatic plants)

March 16th @ 1pm: “PROUD TO BE TEXAN-NATIVESCAPES” (Learn all you need to know about native Texas plants in your landscape)

March 23rd @ 11am: “ENERGY EFFICIENT BUILDING/ RAIN WATER COLLECTION” (Presented by John Fahrns *one of West Cave Preserves founding fathers*)

March 23rd @ 1pm “HOW TO BUILD A WICKING BED” (Easy watering, self contained, time saving garden bed…presented by Monica Gaylord)

March 30th @ 11am : “EXOTIC FRUITS ” (Guavas, Papaya, Jujubes, Avocado, Pomegranates, & Dragon Fruit in Austin, Tx)

March 30th @ 1pm “TREE KNOWLEDGE/CARE/MAINTENANCE” (Presented by Emerald Garden & Cedar Creek Tree Farm’s owner Trey Wyatt)


April 6th Sorry No Seminar – Come see us at the Zilker Garden Festival

 April 13th @ 11am: “NELSON PLANT FOOD TALK” ( NELSON / NUTRI-STAR Plant Food representative, will be here with information and samples!)

April 13th @ 1pm: “GROW FIGS LOCALLY” (LandscapeWitch Alexis Bearer will be here with extensive knowledge and multiple varieties for sale)


April 20th @ 11am: “PROBLEMATIC PONDS-ALGAE CONTROL” (Tips for a healthy pond and ways to control algae bloom)

April 20th @ 1pm: “NON-INVASIVE BAMBOO FOR YOUR LANDSCAPE” (Used for privacy or a feature bamboo can be versatile, Dale Pliml shows us different varieties)


April 27th @ 11am: “CACTI DISH GARDENS” (Rick Van Dyke will be here with is unique dish gardens for sale and show)

April 27th @ 1pm: “FISH HEALTH & ALGAE CONTROL ISSUES” (Learn the signs and symptoms of unhealthy fish and some algae control techniques)


May 4th @ 11am: “LOW MAINTENANCE DROUGHT TOLERANT DESERT PLANTS” (Come learn about all plants who love rocky dry soil)

May 4th – 1pm: “GROWING AND RE-BLOOMING ORCHIDS IN AUSTIN” (Monica Gaylord will be back with expert knowledge on keeping your orchids blooming)


May 11th @ 11am: “SQUARE FOOT CONTAINER GARDENING” (Raised bed gardening, its benefits and its downfalls)

May 11th @ 1pm: “COMPLEX COMPOSTING” (Unique composting ideas, including compost tea)

May 18th @ 11am: “LOCAL MAPLE FAVORITES” (Dozens of different unique maple varieties, come learn about them and their differences)

May 18th @ 1pm: “SPRING CLEANING-POND MAINTENANCE ” (Hate the hassle of cleaning your backyard pond? Come learn great time saving techniques)

May 25th @ 11am “POND SOCIETY PRESENTS: BIOLOGY & MAINTENANCE” (Come learn from the experts at Austin Pond Society, also selling pond tour tickets)

May 25th @ 1pm “XERISCAPE YOUR YARD” (Who needs a lawn in Texas? No one is our opinion, all there is to know about xeriscaping your yard)

*Subject to change – contact for latest information*