April 2013 Yard of the Month

Congratulations to the McClenon Family – April Yard of the Month winners!

YOM for April goes to WNA members Charles, Lizanne, and Marci McClenon at 5000 Summerset.  One can’t miss this yard for the huge and beautiful Live Oak tree that graces the entrance to the front porch.  Estimated to be about 200 years old, the family is now tracing a possible connection to the Comanche Indians using the tre…e as a trail marker.  Hiring Austin Xeriscape to landscape the “sunny side” next to their driveway, an underground drip irrigation system was installed to support the new plantings.  One hour of watering a week, the system is on a timer and will insure these new plants and cypress tree will stay happy.  Lizanne told me an endearing story about the two very large fox tail ferns potted on the front porch.  They are offspring divisions from a plant given to her mother’s sister when she had surgery in 1975! Now, 38 years later, Lizanne says it is time to subdivide again to give a plant to each of her three daughters!