June 2013 Yard of the Month

Congratulations Shelley & Jimmy Embrey - our June 2013 YOM Winners

Congratulations Shelley & Jimmy Embrey – our June 2013 YOM Winners

Jimmy and Shelley Embrey have lived in Westcreek for four years.  Soon after moving in, they realized that their St. Augustine lawn was fading fast and two large live oak trees were succumbing to Oak Wilt.  In the summer of 2011 when we suffered through 90 days of triple digit heat, they also lost their 15 ft hedge of Red Tip Photinias in the back yard.  Welcome to home ownership!

They started work themselves in the front yard putting out flagstone and replacing the St. Augustine with Zoysia grass.  Overwhelmed with the massive task of hauling rock in small batches, they decided to hire a landscaper to come in and help them get the job done.  A wide flagstone walkway was laid in a bed of crushed granite.  The St. Augustine was completely stripped out and replaced with the more drought tolerant Zoysia grass.  Their plantings include all agaves and Texas natives.  Shelley likes to research the plants and make her selections carefully before planting, as they are still adding to the beds.
Congratulations go out to Jimmy and Shelley.  They received a $50 Gift Certificate to Emerald Gardens and a free oil change from Klingemann’s Automotive who are both sponsors of our Westcreek Yard of the Month Program.

Beautiful new fence around the back yard and a great stately agave on the corner bed at Summerset and Fair Valley

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