Gardening Tips

When planning your landscape or garden, keep in mind the climate and soil limitations of our part of the state.

If you’re thinking of adding or replacing a tree, planting live oak trees is not recommended because of the problem with oak wilt in Central Texas.

When trimming your live oak trees, select the hottest or coldest months of the year — usually February and August — to do the pruning. Make certain the trimming tools are sterilized, and treat the tree wounds immediately with pruning paint.

The Texas Forest Service has an excellent Texas Tree Planting Guide online with beautiful illustrations and tips you’ll need to buy, plant and care for new trees.

An excellent source of plant information is the PlantAnswers website maintained by Dr. Jerry Parsons of the Texas Cooperative Extension Service. This site includes trees recommended for South Central Texas.

The Travis County Agricultural Extension Agent maintains a list of planting times for vegetable gardens.

For decorative plant selections, the recommendations below were offered at a master gardener presentation at a WNA quarterly meeting in 2000.