Trailhead Weeding Saturday, April 12

A blue-eyed “grass”, brightened our weeding work at the Trailhead this past Saturday. This is a good year for the little iris, and may be they enjoy the heavier fall/winter rains much like… the bluebonnets, which are in full flower, some already going to seed.

Elegant foxglove (likely from the original seed mix) were showing, also gaura, oxalis, primrose, wine-cup… and emphatically the buffalo grass.  Many other plants from the original planting are showing themselves and establishing.

Lisa eased the bluebonnets by clearing some tough-rooted mustard.  Vesta and Ellie had the courage to try the main Johnson grass area with hand tools. Trudy dropped by in the middle of a run to prune the artemisia and the struggling desert willow.  Barb and I tackled a truculent bermuda patch.

Yet to do:  more work on the bermuda, crab and Johnson grasses, some of which unfortunately are already near seeding.  Likely we’ll need some judicious power tool use, perhaps a tiller, mower and string trimmer.  Also, we decided to wait a bit for more mulching, wait for the spring blush to fade.  We’ll also wait and watch what May will give us there this year, then make the call for another weeding weekend.  Thanks all.