Westcreek Business Owners Page

Would you like to tell your Westcreek neighbors
about your business, products you sell,
or services you offer?
We’d like to help!

What is the Westcreek Business Owners’ Page about?

  • A business owners’ webpage where residents who are current WNA members can exclusively advertise their business / products / services.
  • Your business name listed according to category, links to your website, your Facebook page, or other site. If you do not have an actual site, the link will go to a specific page that lists your contact details.


Want to showcase your business? Here is how:
  • If you haven’t had a chance to join/renew & support the WNA in the current calendar year, please see the membership page for options to join.
  • Dues are only $20 a year. We hope you agree this is an inexpensive and easy way to reach local clients!
  • Once you are a member, email [email protected] and provide us with your business information (Your name, email & phone number, Westcreek address, business name, business category, and your website and/or full business contact information)


How will the WNA let neighbors know about the web page?

  • Once the page is launched, we’ll make an announcement to all neighbors. Plus, the page will be linked in official email communications, on periodic Facebook and Nextdoor posts, and in our newsletters.
  • This will give you a way to let your neighbors know that they can buy local!


How do I keep my information current and continue my listing on the page?
  • Let us know if you have an update.
  • Be sure to renew by January 30 each year, during our membership drive, to keep your link active on the page, as this perk is only available to current members!
  • If you happen to miss the January membership drive, you can still join/renew at any time & activate/reactivate your link!


We hope you’ll take advantage
of this offer. We believe you will benefit from
letting your neighbors know they can buy local!