Membership and Yard of the Month

Westcreek neighbors – 

There seems to be a lot of creativity going on in the yards in Westcreek!  Did you know that your Neighborhood Association helps to celebrate your hard work and the beauty and creativity you are bringing to our neighborhood?  

Each month over the spring and summer, we recognize our YARD OF THE MONTH.  The award winners receive a bounty of gifts from our sponsors:

Winners receive the following awards:

  • Free oil change from Klingemann’s Car Care Center ($37.95 value)
  • $45.00 gift certificate from Cypress Grill
  • $15.00 gift certificate from D’Lites Ice Cream Shop
  • $50.00 gift certificate from Leaf Wholesale Nursery 

This recognition is available to ANY member of our Neighborhood Association  – and this year we are waiving the membership fees in recognition of the disruptions from the virus.  All that is needed is for you to provide your information so you will be listed as a member and eligible for the award.  

If you’d like to join and contribute to the neighborhood association, please visit this link. If you are not able to contribute right now but would still like to be a member, please fill out this form:  WNA Membership Google Form. After we receive your form, we will add you to our membership list as well as the Westcreek Neighborhood Email list. 

The committee makes the award based on curb appeal, attractiveness of the yard and the contribution to the enhancement of the neighborhood.  One important qualifier: your compost/ Trash/ Recycling bins can’t visible from the street.

We will be making the rounds soon and will consider anyone on our membership list as of May 8 so please join soon. It not only makes you eligible for this recognition, it keeps you in the loop for all our news and activities.

As always, thanks for your support!  If you have questions or comments, you can email us at [email protected].