YoM May 2022

May YOM was awarded to Alex and Sarabeth Lewis at 6304 Hill Forest. The couple bought the house and moved to Westcreek in September 2021 and quickly started making plans to improve the front yard! They wanted to divide the yard into segments to give it more life and curb appeal.  A “work in progress”, they are eager to use their Leaf Landscape gift certificate awarded to them for YOM!
In the bed along the sidewalk on Summerset, they have planted Pride of Barbados, Yellow Bells, and varieties of Sage, bringing in colors of red and purple. Red Yucca, Century plants & thornless cactus crown the corner at Hill Forest & Summerset. Rich brown & black mulch combine with a variety of grasses in other beds in the yard.

The couple received gift cards from Leaf Landscape for $50, Klingemann’s Automotive for an oil change, and Cypress Grill. For a dinner valued at $45.
Yard of the Month is awarded each month during the growing season to a member whose yard enhances the curb appeal in our Westcreek neighborhood.