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October 2022 YoM

   Yard of the Month for October Halloween decorations goes to Chris & Carrie Merriam at 6305 Sanderson Ave. Their “Spooky” front yard sports a giant black cat, a huge ghost, a scarecrow and a haunted graveyard complete with spiders & spiderwebs!  At night, the lighting adds eeriness to the yard! Day or night, this yard is one you want to see!
Westcreek neighbors really got into the spirit of Halloween this year with pumpkins, ghosts, & witching decorations.    Other yards to check out are 5006 Summerset which was a recent Christmas winner, their neighbor at 5008 Summerset, last year’s October YOM at 4502 Yellow Rose Trail, 5512 Honey Dew, and 6311 & 6412 Steer, 5203 Maulding Pass, 6543 Fair Valley are all worth a drive by!!

    The Merriam’s received a $50 Gift Card from Leaf Landscape, a $45 Gift Card from Cypress Grill, & a free oil change from Klingemann Automotive. WNA appreciates the support of these sponsors and hopes Westcreek families will also support these local businesses in our neighborhood!
    The next YOM will be awarded in December for holiday decorations. Be sure you are a paid member of WNA, have your trash bins out of street view (screened or at the side of the house), decorate for the holidays, & you may be the next Yard of the Month!
    Congratulations to the Merriam family!

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September 2022 YoM

The September Yard of the Month was awarded to Coleman Hutcheson and wife Elizabeth Frye at 6520 Fair Valley. The couple moved into their home in 2019 and during the 2020 Pandemic, Elizabeth began designing the new xeriscape yard. The yard held up beautifully in this summer’s intense heat and dryness. The majority of the front yard is covered in river rock and features a lazy river of larger stones to provide better drainage in the yard. Zoysia grass is planted in a small area of the front yard and it completely covers the back yard which is also a beautifully landscaped area! Purple Vitex flanks the driveway and a variety of native grasses grace the yard. Cone flowers, Lambs Ear, Foxtail Fern, Plumbago, and Lantana provide color & texture to the yard! Crepe Myrtles, Mexican Plum, and a Redbud tree are in the side yard. Plantings of Mexican Sage, prostate Rosemary, silver Ponyfoot, Datura moon flower, and climbing Rose complete the design. Elizabeth researched native plants and shopped at The Wildflower Center for the majority of their plants. 

The couple looks forward to using their gift cards awarded to them for YOM. These include a $50 card from Leaf Landscape, $45 card from Cypress Grill, and an oil change from Klingemann Automotive. Westcreek Neighborhood Association appreciates the ongoing support of these long-time sponsors! 

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August 2022 YoM

August Yard of the Month was awarded to Susan & George Shineldecker who live at 4500 Langtry Lane at the corner of Yellow Rose Trail. Their yard was a shining star throughout the brutal heat of this incredibly hot and dry summer!   An abundance of Pride of Barbados, a huge bush of Yellow Bells, and a variety of colorful Lantana made the yard a showstopper!

    The Shineldecker’s have recently installed Zoysia grass in the back yard and had a landscaper install limestone rock borders to all their beds & trees.
    Sponsors of the Yard of the Month are Leaf Landscape ($50 gift certificate), Klingemanns Automotive (Oil change valued at $40), and Cypress Grill ($40 gift card). We appreciate the support of these sponsors!
    September YOM will be awarded very soon and October YOM will go to the best Halloween decorated yard. December YOM will be awarded in late December for holiday decorations. You must be a paid member of the Association to be considered for YOM!

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YoM May 2022

May YOM was awarded to Alex and Sarabeth Lewis at 6304 Hill Forest. The couple bought the house and moved to Westcreek in September 2021 and quickly started making plans to improve the front yard! They wanted to divide the yard into segments to give it more life and curb appeal.  A “work in progress”, they are eager to use their Leaf Landscape gift certificate awarded to them for YOM!
In the bed along the sidewalk on Summerset, they have planted Pride of Barbados, Yellow Bells, and varieties of Sage, bringing in colors of red and purple. Red Yucca, Century plants & thornless cactus crown the corner at Hill Forest & Summerset. Rich brown & black mulch combine with a variety of grasses in other beds in the yard.

The couple received gift cards from Leaf Landscape for $50, Klingemann’s Automotive for an oil change, and Cypress Grill. For a dinner valued at $45.
Yard of the Month is awarded each month during the growing season to a member whose yard enhances the curb appeal in our Westcreek neighborhood.

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Raffle winners at the Annual Picnic

Congratulations to our raffle winners from the Westcreek Neighborhood Association picnic held on April 30!   We want to thank everyone that donated to our raffle and our volunteers that helped set up and clean up at the picnic.  Please patronize our local and online businesses.

Owl House donated by Michael Wilson- Rick Schwartz

Month of workouts donated by Pulse Performance – Elizabeth Erbeznik

Mug donated by Yellow Bess – Madeline Reichle  

Blue Earrings donated by Frannie & Elinor – Barbara Twining 

Orange Earrings donated by Frannie & Elinor – Bryna Schulze 

Salt Light donated by Rita Berry- Marcia Desy

Wooden Valet donated by Berry Custom Woodworks – Mike Massad 

A drawstring bag containing portable water bowl and certificate for free bath that includes teeth brushing, nails and ears donated by Scenthound – Kat Cardwell 

A drawstring bag containing portable water bowl and certificate for free bath that includes teeth brushing, nails and ears donated by Scenthound  – Jean Hadden 

Bath toys donated by Rita Berry – Trenton Twining

Sticky ball catch donated by Rita Berry – Jackson McHugh

Puzzle donated by Rita Berry – Kat Cardwell 

Sonic $10 gift card donated by Laci Smith –  Liam McHugh  Chick-fil-A $10 gift card donated by Laci Smith – David Podbielski

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