Traffic Calming

Traffic Calming

The WNA has been working on traffic calming initiatives for years:

1.  Summerset Trail speed study – For many years, the WNA attempted to get traffic calming on Summerset Trail but city requirements made individual streets ineligible.  A few years ago, the city created a new program for individual streets and the WNA applied for a speed study.

In the Fall of 2013, the City advised that we did not meet speed criteria, although we were extremely close to reaching the threshold of 85% of travelers speeding on Summerset.  After two years, the street could be studied again; however, we have learned that the city has less money now that the new program has taken effect and the traffic calming devices available will only be speed cushions if the street is found eligible.  Street cushions are not universally supported by neighbors.

2.  Pedestrian/Heavy Traffic/Speeding/Jaywalking/Crosswalk Issues at Westcreek Drive and Old Fredericksburg Rd.

09/29/2014 – Traffic Calming Improvements made at Westcreek Drive & Old Fredericksburg Road

In July of 2012, The Westcreek Neighborhood Association filed a traffic calming request with the City of Austin for Westcreek Drive (near Old Fredericksburg Road and the soccer fields). In April of 2013, the WNA Board joined forces with Girl Scout Troop 2196, Asia Knowles and Taea Smith to Silver Award Project to address the “Flow of Traffic in Westcreek Subdivision”

Our goal was to get a flashing pedestrian light installed at the intersection but due to budgetary constraints, the City was uanable to get that installed. Nevertheless, we worked very hard to get the some improvements made.

In August of 2014, the City of Austin completed improvements at this intersection and surrounding area as follows:

  • northern intersection of Westcreek Drive and Old Fredericksburg Road (near Klingemanns and the bank parking lot): constructed new pedestrian ramps and installed new fluorescent yellow-green pedestrian signs


  • southern intersection of Westcreek Drive and Old Fredericksburg Road: constructed a pedestrian ramp on the east side of Westcreek Drive and connected it to the existing sidewalk.


  • installed additional fluorescent yellow-green pedestrian signs for existing signs on both sides of Westcreek Drive to warn both northbound and southbound drivers of pedestrians in the area. (signs at the existing crosswalk at Old Fredericksburg and Morning Dew).


Since that time, an additional crosswalk was painted at the Old Fredericksburg Road (where it extends next to Klingemann’s) and Westcreek Drive.


We have again reached out to Lone Star Soccer to ask that they alert their parents and children to these traffic calming upgrades and to encourage everyone to use the crosswalk and crossing areas. We hope these improvements will also encourage drivers to obey state law and yield to pedestrians at crosswalks.

3.  Brush Country Road

This road is considered a minor arterial and ineligible for traffic calming studies.  Despite this, the WNA has repeatedly attempted to reach out to city staff and we have informed our district’s council member that we believe we should have traffic calming on this street.

4.  Cut-Through Traffic

The WNA has worked very hard to oppose additional development in the area that will contribute to additional cut-through traffic.  Despite our efforts, we have seen the previous and current city council approve more development in the area and we will likely see more cut-through traffic as a result.  The WNA continues to present our concerns to our city council representative.  We encourage neighbors to do the same.


Want traffic calming on your street?

Check out the City of Austin’s traffic calming program and application.


Examples of traffic calming options through the City of Austin:  devices-speed-mitigation


Example of a rapid flashing pedestrian beacon:


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