Watering Restrictions

Drought & Watering Restrictions

Austin is currently in Drought Response Stage 2

Key Reminders:

  • Watering limited to one day per week
  • Restricted times for automatic irrigation vs. hose-end sprinklers
  • Drip irrigation is exempt from the schedule, due to increased efficiency.
    • To water trees, soaker hoses may be used under the drip-line of the tree canopy or you may use your automatic tree bubblers.  Irrigating trees in this manner is exempt from the watering schedule
    • Watering a vegetable garden with a soaker hose is exempt from the watering schedule.
  • Washing vehicles at home is prohibited. If you need to wash a vehicle, you may do so at a commercial carwash facility.
  • Violations:  To ensure that customers follow the restrictions, Austin Water staff is continuing enforcement. Violations of the mandatory restrictions will result in an official warning followed by a citation if the violation is not corrected. Citations will be issued in Municipal Court with fines starting at $475. Report any violations by calling 3-1-1

Complete information about City of Austin Drought Response Stage 2 restrictions

For more information, go to City of Austin Water Conservation Department

For information on the various drought watering stages, see Drought_WateringStages_Austin_2013 (PDF)


This information was posted on July 8, 2013

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