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Ame’s Cleaning

Submitted by Westcreek neighbor:  “I use Ame’s Cleaning and they have worked in my home for over 15 years. They are very responsible and responsive. Women have worked for them for many years. They also don’t charge you if you have to cancel.”

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Home Security System Company Recommendation

A Westcreek Neighbor wrote, “We worked with True Protection.  The contact was John Jarvis 512-940-9774.  They were extremely professional, well priced, and very easy to work with!”  “If you are thinking of installing a security system I would highly recommend this company!”


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ABC Home and Commercial Services

“We use ABC Home and Commercial Services for EVERYTHING! Trees, home repairs, electrical, painting, lawn, sprinklers, pest control (includes removing raccoons and squirrels in the attic, and of course bugs)….. They have licensed professionals contracted and they jump on it and get it done. For example, they contracted the exact same well known tree trimming company at a lower price than we were quoted and saved us a few hundred dollars.”

Submitted by Westcreek neighbor

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Home Warranty

Old Republic has always been great to my clients, and denying claims is not a standard practice, as has been the case (as I hear often) with American Home Shield.  Their web site is:


What that said, Clark Howard (the national consumer advocate on KLBJ at night) thinks they are great for the first year after you buy your home (since the seller pays for it), but he does not suggest renewing them.  His logic is that by the time you have had it 10 years, you have paid out $4,000 (for instance), and they saved you $500 over the life of the plan, so instead put the $50/month in a repair fund.


99.9% of what Clark Howard says, I consider the gospel in terms of deals, do’s and don’ts, etc.  Below is an article he wrote on home warranty policies:

Alex Morris


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