Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Does Westcreek have deed restrictions & does the WNA enforce them?

The neighborhood’s original deed restrictions (more than 30 years old) are still in force.  They are perpetual and do not expire.  We all have a copy of the restrictions in our title documents.  Please note that there are several sets of restrictions depending on when and where your particular area in Westcreek was built.

The deed restrictions (and city code) are not enforceable through the Westcreek Neighborhood Association. Unlike a homeowners association (HOA), the WNA was not created (years ago) to preside over enforcing deed restrictions.  Therefore, Westcreek residents must rely on city code restrictions at this point or residents have to handle matters individually through the courts.  The WNA does not have the authority to contact neighbors about code complaints because it is beyond our jurisdiction – the city must handle these matters. Legally, we cannot get involved. However, all residents have a right to contact their neighbors directly (which we suggest) and if necessary, file complaints themselves to 311.

More information may be found in this newsletter:


We have over 800 neighbors to reach so we aim to communicate electronically.  We issue hard copy newsletters when we can (mailers costs several hundred dollars for each run). We hope in time that more and more people will, at the very least,  join our email list so we can reach more people and do it easily and without cost.

Westcreek Email List (List-Serve)

More info:

  • One-way communication tool that is used only by the WNA board to send important messages out to Westcreek residents.
  • Emails are infrequent and include information that affects your property values, neighborhood safety, special events, newsletters, etc.
  • Recipients on this list are not viewable.
  • To sign up, go to and click on the blue envelope (Stay Connected – Join Our Email List)

Westcreek Nextdoor Group

  • More info at
  • Private social network for neighborhoods (virtual neighborhood watch, classifieds, lost pets, recommendations).  Westcreek has its own Nextdoor site.
  • APD and the City of Austin partnered with Nextdoor and use it to broadcast alerts and important notices.
  • If interested, post to and/or receive notices from nearby SW Austin neighborhoods (Western Oaks, Legend Oaks, Villages of Western Oaks, etc.).
  • Tailor your alert preferences & email volume (opt in or out for various topics, get individual notices or daily digest, etc.)
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Westcreek Facebook Page

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Westcreek Neighborhood Association’s web page has an extensive list of crime/safety resources:

Call 9-1-1 if happening now; call 3-1-1 if already happened.

Online reporting option:


Possession and setting fireworks off are illegal in the City of Austin. Call 3-1-1 to report (especially during holiday high activity)  Save your call to 9-1-1 if there is activity that is dangerous and is threatening a person’s safety and/or home.


Please see graffiti removal section on this page (near top of page):


Not allowed between 9:00 p.m. and 9:00 a.m.   Aggressive solicitors should be reported.  Ask for an ID

Please see

Garage Sales

In 2013, the WNA took a Yahoo Group poll to gauge interest in resuming neighborhood-wide garage sales. The majority suggested just holding 1 sale a year, preferably in the spring, on the 1st weekend of the month, and keeping it on a standing month each year.

We started them up again in Spring 2014 and hold them on 1st weekend in April as a standing garage sale date each year. The board has some garage sale signs that we can put out at certain entrances and corners in the neighborhood. The sale can be posted on Craigslist the day before and the day of.

Because we do not have emails for everyone in the neighborhood and not everyone is on the email list-serve, we will have to rely on our newsletters, Nextdoor, and Facebook to try to reach all neighbors.



Waste – please see

Loose Dogs – please see


Please see this page for updates:


Traffic Calming/Speeding

The neighborhood association has tried in past years to get traffic calming done in WC. Several efforts failed despite hard work by the board members and a few concerned neighbors.

City of Austin revamped their traffic study/calming dept. (around 2012?). Now only someone who lives on/sides to a street that the request is for, can request a study. The WNA cannot do it. Only the residents.   An effort was made by a board member/resident along Summerset Trail in 2013.  We fell just short (fraction of a percentage point) of qualifying.  The requesting resident had the city perform 2 studies in 2 different areas of Summerset to account for traffic backup during school drop off.  Plus, people tend to brake when they see those cords on the street.   Summerset Trail is again eligible for another study once 2 years have lapsed since the last one.

Even if Summerset would have qualified and even if $ were in the city’s budget, the resident who applied would have had to knock on doors for every single neighbor on that segment to sign off & get the majority to agree to speed bumps or cushions (the program no longer has enough money to do anything but speed bumps/cushions). Be prepared to work really hard if you take on this initiative. There is a ton of competition for it all over the city.

If anyone wants a traffic study done on their street, you as a resident have to do it. Check out:

City’s site:


Successful WNA efforts for traffic calming

See WNA site with more info:

Potholes/Street Repairs/Repairs After Water Main Breaks

Westcreek has had its share of utility repairs dues to water main breaks.  After a utility repair, they make a temporary patch which is very uneven and hard on the vehicle’s suspension.  Apparently, the city routinely makes temporary patches with the intention of coming back to do a permanent and correct patch.  Call 311 and make a report if you have not seen progress on a patch.

Temporary Asphalt Patching on Sidewalks

In regard to the sidewalk repairs that take place after the area is dug up, City of Austin’s Street and Bridge gave the following information.  The black asphalt material used to patch a repair area is a temporary repair.  There is a significant backlog of repairs in the city so it takes approximately 6 months before the permanent sidewalk repair is made.  The superintendent stated that when they are about to make the permanent repairs to the temporary patch area, you will see white paint marks and some saw marks around the repair area.  Call 311 if you see that the permanent sidewalk repair has not been handled within 6 months of the initial patch.


6110 Hill Forest

Without the watchful efforts of the WNA over the past decade plus, the Hill Forest lot would have been developed with a very high density complex on a 2 acre lot, adding to already heavy traffic and creating high density among single family & duplex homes – just feet away from Patton. This would have definitely lowered Westcreek property values and compromised quality of life – especially for those in the immediate area and the Patton Elementary community.  Our community and the WNA continues to keep a vigilant eye on this property and how its development affects our neighborhood.

Past and current members of the WNA Board have worked very to limit high density at this property and in 2013, we were able to obtain agreements on this property as follows:

  • SF-5 Urban Family
  • Limit to 8 units max;
  • Limit to 2 stories max / 32 feet max;
  • Limit to “residential” uses;
  • Minimum of 25 foot vegetative buffer around the South and West property lines.
  • 15% impervious cover/Save Our Springs Ordinance standards