City Code Restrictions

It is important that all residents and homeowners comply with city codes. Experts say property values can fall as much as 40% without compliance.

What Does the WNA Do About City of Austin Code Violations?

  • The Westcreek Neighborhood Association (WNA) provides information and resources to neighbors who need assistance from the City of Austin in order to facilitate consistent enforcement of city zoning, health and police codes in our subdivision.
  • As the WNA is not an HOA, the WNA does not enforce codes and/or ordinances (nor does the WNA enforce deed restrictions).
  • The WNA is here to answer neighbor questions about code violations, but the City of Austin Code Compliance and/or the Austin Police Department (junked/nuisance vehicles or lawn parking) must be contacted to handle violations.

NOTE:  There are several sets of original deed restrictions in the neighborhood depending on where and when your home was built; however, most are similar if not stating the same conditions.  The original deed restrictions are not expired and are still in force; however, the WNA does not enforce the restrictions and neighbors are encouraged to work with one another to address any concerns.  Civil courts would have to resolve issues that cannot be resolved on their own between neighbors.

Maybe the homeowner in violation of code could use some help…click here for more information about the City of Austin homeowner assistance programs.

Reporting City Code Violations


Reporting Non-operating or Abandoned Vehicles and/or Trailers in the Street

o   Inoperable (flat tires, severely wrecked, dismantled, propped on jacks or blocks, health concern, etc.)

o   Illegally parked vehicles (facing wrong way, unattached trailers, vehicle for sale on street)

o   Abandoned vehicles on either the street or a private driveway


Reporting Front/Side Yard Parking

  • Westcreek Neighborhood is subject to City Code Chapter 12-5-29 FRONT OR SIDE YARD PARKING which does not allow front/side yard parking.
  • The APD District Representative Officer is responsible for the enforcement of this ordinance.
  • You may report anonymously to SPO Jeffrey Binder #3926, Region IV District Representative, (512) 974-4415 or [email protected]


Most Common City Code Violations (for the City of Austin)

  • Adult-Oriented Businesses
  • Construction Without a Permit
  • Dangerous Structures and Fire-Damaged Buildings
  • Fences
  • Garage Sales
  • Garbage Carts Left at the Curb
  • Housing in Substandard Condition
  • Illegal Dumping and Junk and Accumulated Rubbish
  • Number of People Living in a Residence
  • Running a Business from Home
    • A home occupation must be conducted entirely within the dwelling unit or one accessory garage.
    • Home occupation generating more than three vehicle trips each day of customer-related vehicular traffic
    • Home occupation equipment or materials visible
    • Commercial vehicle parked on a street adjacent to residential zoned property is prohibited
    • Advertising the street address of a home occupation through signs, billboards, television, radio or newspapers is prohibited
    • No more than one commercial vehicle may be stored on the premises
    • Advertising a home occupation by a sign on the premises is prohibited.
    • Mobile Vendor on Private Property
  • Signs
  • Stagnant Water and Swimming Pools
  • Storage of Vehicles
    • More motor vehicles than there are licensed drivers in a home
    • RVs, travel trailers, campers, etc. parked in driveways
    • Boats and/or boat trailers parked in driveways
  • Tree Limbs Blocking Right of Way
  • Weeds or Grass Over 12 Inches


See details here.

Additional information on these city codes may be obtained from the City of Austin. The code is available on the City’s website, Accessory uses are addressed in section 25-2-893 of the code. Definitions may be found in 25-1-21. Limitations on the commercial use of residential property (home occupations) are contained in 25-2-900.