Neighborhood Watch


Fight Crime from Your Front Door

Did you know that that the people who live to your right, to your left and across from you can be some of the best crime fighters around!  Neighbors watching out for other neighbors is one of the best ways to fight crime where you live.  Westcreek residents are committed to working together to deter crime and keep one another updated on what is going on in our neighborhood.  

When you meet your neighbors and share contact information, you are building a network to share information about suspicious activities, recent crimes nearby, weather emergencies, and all kinds of helpful information that make you and your neighbors the first barrier to keeping the neighborhood safe.   

Start by taking the first step. Use the handy “Neighbors Do the Hi-5” to meet your neighbors and share your contact information. Post the information in your home for quick access.

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Westcreek residents are committed to working together to deter crime & keep one another & the police updated & aware of what is going on our neighborhood.

We have an active neighborhood watch program and 

report any suspicious activity to 911.

Click here for additional safety resources on Westcreek’s Safety Page


How can you help out?

  • Be alert, meet your neighbors, watch out for your property and your neighbors’ property
  • Report suspicious activity to 911 (you may remain anonymous)
  • Not sure if it warrants a call to 911?  Call 311 and they’ll determine if you need to be transferred to 911.
  • ALWAYS Call 911 in the case of an emergency
  • Get involved with Westcreek’s Neighborhood Watch program
  • Join Westcreek’s Nextdoor site (at least sign up for Crime/Safety posts & notifications)
  • Check out Austin Police Dept’s Train the Trainer program on the District 4 website


Security Tips from Law Enforcement


APD Advice – Calling 911 vs. 311

911 should be utilized for incidents that are “in progress” burglaries of homes and vehicles where the subject is on-scene or has recently been observed committing the crime, assaults, traffic offenses, or anything else that could cause immediate damage to a person or property. If you have any doubts about a situation no matter how small, please call 911. 311 is usually utilized for offenses that have been committed hours or even days prior to their discovery or there has been an extensive amount of time since a subject was last seen. This also includes minor concerns such as parking or civil issues (money owed to someone unless it is a theft of service from a business where the subject is still onscene, child custody complaints, escorts for retrieving property from a residence , etc..). When it comes to continual parking concerns, abandoned vehicles and city code issues, they can be routed through your respective District Representative or Code Enforcement Officer so that the right people can get involved to remedy the situation in a timely fashion.