Safety-Police/Fire/Code Compliance

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Austin Police Department – APD

  • Call 911 in case of emergency and for crimes in progress.
  • APD Website:  Helpful Numbers
  • APD District Representative for area “David 6” (including Westcreek), Officer Shawn Rougeou
    (512) 974-8100, [email protected]
  • Region IV (District 4) APD District Representatives website (includes neighborhood watch training info)
  • 2017 David Sector APD District Representative Map
  • Online option to report non-emergency incidents & tips to police
  • Graffiti Removal
    • Report graffiti on school campuses to the individual campus (Patton 512-841-1780; Small 512-841-6700)
    • Report graffiti on out-buildings on soccer fields to Lonestar South at 512-899-1049.  (Graffiti on those buildings must be handled by Lonestar Soccer even though the property belongs to AISD).  If no success in getting it addressed, you may contact AISD Police directly at 512-414-1703 (Available 24/7). 
    • Report graffiti on Brush Country trail to Small MS
    • Report all other graffiti to 3-1-1
    • Law enforcement suggests that promptly reporting graffiti is the best way to fight it. Photos may also be submitted to our APD district rep.

APD Advice – Calling 911 vs. 311

“911 should be utilized for incidents that are “in progress” burglaries of homes and vehicles where the subject is on-scene or has recently been observed committing the crime, assaults, traffic offenses, or anything else that could cause immediate damage to a person or property. If you have any doubts about a situation no matter how small, please call 911. 311 is usually utilized for offenses that have been committed hours or even days prior to their discovery or there has been an extensive amount of time since a subject was last seen. This also includes minor concerns such as parking or civil issues (money owed to someone unless it is a theft of service from a business where the subject is still onscene, child custody complaints, escorts for retrieving property from a residence , etc..). When it comes to continual parking concerns, abandoned vehicles and city code issues, they can be routed through your respective District Representative or Code Enforcement Officer so that the right people can get involved to remedy the situation in a timely fashion.”

Additional Local Safety Resources:

Door-to-Door Solicitors

Austin City Code:  § 9-4-22  SOLICITATION BETWEEN CERTAIN HOURS PROHIBITED. A person commits an offense if the person solicits contributions between 9:00 p.m. and 9:00 a.m. by going to the door of a residence.  Additional information available at

Report solicitation offenses & any aggressive and/or suspicious solicitations to non-emergency police line by calling 3-1-1.   Consider the solicitation suspicious if you ask to see the salesperson’s solicitor’s license and they do not have one.

City of Austin Fire Department & Travis County Fire Marshall 

City of Austin Code Compliance

  • Additional information about Code Compliance (including non-operative/junked/abandoned vehicles, trailer street parking, yard parking, etc.)
  • Common code violations
  • To report a code violation, call 3-1-1 or report online (you may remain anonymous)
  • If at all possible, neighbors are always encouraged to try to work out issues with one another first.

NOTE:  There are several sets of original deed restrictions in the neighborhood depending on where and when your home was built; however, most are similar if not stating the same conditions.  The original deed restrictions are not expired and are still in force; however, the WNA does not enforce the restrictions and neighbors are encouraged to work with one another to address any concerns.  Civil courts would have to resolve issues that cannot be resolved on their own between neighbors.