About the Westcreek Neighborhood Association


Westcreek’s Brush Country Trailhead

What does the Westcreek Neighborhood Association do for Westcreek?

Your all-volunteer Westcreek Neighborhood Association (WNA) is continually helping you behind the scenes and working on projects and improvements that directly affect you, your family, and the value of your home investment.

We hope you will agree that supporting the WNA is not only beneficial to you and your property, but also to your community. Dues paying members may vote on executive committee member nominations and all neighborhood voting matters.

What is a Neighborhood Association (NA) vs. a Homeowners Association (HOA)?

The Westcreek Neighborhood Association (WNA) is a voluntary organization of residents who work together to improve and maintain the quality of life in its neighborhood, including neighborhood safety, beautification and social activities.

Homeowners associations are formal legal entities created to maintain amenities, collect mandatory assessments and enforce maintenance and design standards through private deed restrictions.

There are several sets of original deed restrictions in the neighborhood depending on where and when your home was built; however, most are similar if not stating the same conditions.  The original deed restrictions are not expired and are still in force; however, the WNA does not enforce the restrictions and neighbors are encouraged to work with one another to address any concerns.  Civil courts would have to resolve issues that cannot be resolved on their own between neighbors.

joinnowclickhandWhy is it important to support your Westcreek Neighborhood Association & join for $20/calendar year?

We work hard to provide as many benefits as possible to Westcreek without incurring costs,
but your $20 dues help with benefits that do cost & will help keep the WNA going for years to come!

Just a few benefits offered by the WNA…

Annual Meetings & Monthly Board Meetings Annual homeowners’ meeting in January; board holds monthly executive committee meetings (see minutes)
Traffic/Speed Calming Initiatives Ongoing efforts for City of Austin funding (past efforts include Smith Oak speed humps & speed radar signs)
Neighborhood Communications Maintains a website, a Facebook page, an email (list serve), a Nextdoor site, and a newsletter
Zoning/Development Monitoring Prevented high density development on the 6110 Hill Forest Property; Monitor development of vacant lots
Safety Maintaining strong alliances with Austin Police Department for patrols; Promoting the Neighborhood Watch ProgramNational Night Out events
Community Outreach Established Westcreek’s first Welcoming Committee; Coordinating additional volunteer committees; Hosting annual meetings, social events & neighborhood-wide garage sales
Represents Westcreek in city and county matters A collective voice before City Council, Planning Commission, Austin Neighborhood Council, Oak Hill Community Planning Contact Team (OHNPCT), & Oak Hill Association of Neighborhoods (OHAN).  (WNA board members and volunteers attend and/or serve on OHNPCT and OHAN boards)
Beautification & Neighborhood Enhancement Increasing property values through initiatives and projects; Yard of the Month program; Brush Country Trailhead & neighborhood clean-up projects; Assisting neighbors with concerns & work with City of Austin on code compliance efforts
Brush Country Road R-O-W Voluntarily funds maintenance and mowing of the Brush Country right-of-way & neighborhood entrance sign
Westcreek Business Owners PageandPatton Elementary Beautification Promote Westcreek business owners/self employed residents through & encouraging neighbors to buy local.and Annually donates to the Patton Elementary Landscaping Program

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